Taxation of Foreign Dividends

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Dividends represent profits deriving from the possession of a shareholding. This article will analyze the taxation of foreign dividends deriving from participation in a foreign company, received by a non-entrepreneurial natural person (i.e. individual) resident in Italy, or a company based in Italy. Foreign dividends received by individual resident in Italy Dividends received by natural […]

Opening a business in Italy: the basics

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Despite an unflattering picture of red tape, high taxation, and a rigid labor market, Italy remains a market that offers excellent opportunities in sectors such as life sciences, ICT, renewable energy, fashion, food, tourism, luxury real estate, perfumeries, hotels, B&Bs, and catering. Understanding how business works in Italy is challenging for foreigners. However, it is […]

Tax Benefits in Italy for foreign investors and workers

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The Italian government is encouraging foreigners to move in Italy through several legislative interventions. Since 2015, different governments and different majorities have passed several laws in order to grant fiscal and administrative benefits for foreign investors and workers, who want to live, work, and do business in Italy. In this article we will explain briefly […]